Taipei 5D4N with Flight and Hotel at SGD405

Yin Yang Sea at Jiufen, Taipei

I’m currently in Taipei and typing on my little Macbook’s keyboard at Hotel Papa Whale located at Xi Men Ding. Its going to be my third day at Taipei (its way past midnight now). I tend to travel on a semi-budget so that I can go on trips more frequently. I picked up a couple of tricks after testing out various platforms for booking flights, hotels and more. Thought that it’d be a good idea to share :)

How To Search For Cheaper Flights & Hotel Stays

So, I flew to Taiwan with Jetstar and got a 4 Nights stay at a hotel located at Xi Men Ding called Hotel Papa Whale with a total cost of just SGD405. Considering how it was an impromptu vacation where I booked the flight the hotel just 12 days before the departure, its pretty cost savvy.

Price Watch on Skyscanner

Here’s how you can purchase your relatively cheaper flight & hotel and do it for all other vacations! Firstly, I will recommend that you do a search on Skyscanner. Sign up for the price watch and Skyscanner will notify you when prices goes down.

Head to Expedia to Search for your Favorite Hotel

In the mean time, go to Expedia and start searching for your ideal hotel. Of course, the price will vary depending on the stars of hotel that you pick. I will usually filter the results to 3 stars and above. I found Hotel Papa Whale and its not very expensive, about SGD60 a night for a twin room. The hotel looks pretty cozy and has unique interiors. Remember to check out the reviews written by fellow Expedians too! It will greatly help your decision making.

Hotel Papa Whale at Xi Men Ding

Here’s some photos of Hotel Papa Whale where I am staying at. All cozy, comfortable, clean and with very friendly staff too. Its about 750m walk away from Ximen Station. On the way to the hotel, I’m sure you will be happily walking through the streets looking at the shopping that they have to offer at Xi Men Ding and stopping by for a bite or two.

Hotel Papa Whale Interiors at the Lobby
Twin Room

Book Fight & Hotel together via Expedia

As Expedia partners with hotels, there is a package price when you book both your flight and hotel together. When Skyscanner informs you of the price drop, its now the right time to buy! Head to Expedia again and now search for the flight and hotel that you have chosen. You will realise that the total amount to be paid is quite a difference as compared to purchasing the flight and hotel individually. I saved about SGD100 while booking them together!

Travel Insurance

Now, don’t forget your travel insurance! Always purchase one so that you need not worry when your flight is delayed, or your baggage is lost. Speaking from experience, a SGD25 travel insurance that I purchased for a 4 Days trip to Bali turned out to be truly worth the buy, as I claimed a total of SGD1,300 from it due to a flight delay of over 80 hours. The delay was that long due to a volcanic eruption over at Bali and the volcanic ashes were hovering over the airport for a few days.

I highly recommend purchasing your travel insurance from Etiqa after having compared its price + coverage with several other insurers. They are offering a 51% discount too!

Photo I shot while at Taipei 101. Its a panorama shot so there’s some jagged lines.

Taipei 101

Stay tuned for more :)

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